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Create timeline from JSONL or CSV file

You can ingest timeline data from a JSONL or CSV file. You can have any number of attributes/columns as you wish but there are some mandatory fields that Timeksketch needs in order to render the events in the UI.

Mandatory fields:

  • message
  • String with an informative message of the event
  • datetime
  • ISO8601 format
  • Ex: 2015-07-24T19:01:01+00:00
  • timestamp_desc
  • String explaining what type of timestamp it is. E.g file created
  • Ex: "Time created"

Example CSV file

You need to provide the CSV header with the column names as the first line in the file.

A message,1331698658276340,2015-07-24T19:01:01+00:00,Write time,foo,bar

Example JSONL file

Unlike JSON files, imports in JSONL format can be streamed from disk, making them far less memory intensive than regular JSON files.

{"message": "A message","timestamp": 123456789,"datetime": "2015-07-24T19:01:01+00:00","timestamp_desc": "Write time","extra_field_1": "foo"}
{"message": "Another message","timestamp": 123456790,"datetime": "2015-07-24T19:01:02+00:00","timestamp_desc": "Write time","extra_field_1": "bar"}
{"message": "Yet more messages","timestamp": 123456791,"datetime": "2015-07-24T19:01:03+00:00","timestamp_desc": "Write time","extra_field_1": "baz"}

Upload the file to Timesketch

To create a new timeline in Timesketch you need to upload it to the server.

See here for instructions to do so