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tsctl get-environment

Get information about the environment.

sketch-info tsctl

sketch-info has been added to the tsctl command line tool to: - get information about a specific sketch

Visit CLI howto for more information

tsctl documentation

Updates the tsctl admin command-line interface (CLI) documentation to include the latest changes and additions to the tsctl CLI. The updated documentation covers all the available tsctl subcommands and options, providing detailed information on how to use each one.

The updated documentation also includes examples and usage scenarios for each subcommand, to help users understand how to use the tsctl CLI effectively.

Visit CLI howto for more information

With #2439 we introduced context links to the v2 UI. This feature allows linking specific event values to external lookup services for an easy analyst workflow. Now this hash lookup with your favorite CTI platform is just two clicks away.

Check out the context link documentation for more information.

Development documentation

Some minor edits to