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Opening bug / getting support

Please provide as much detailed information as possible, keep in mind that:

  • we cannot fix errors based on vague descriptions;
  • we cannot look into your thoughts or on your systems;
  • we cannot easily isolate errors if you keep changing your test environment.

If you report a bug or ask for help in Slack, please provide as much information as possible, error messsages, log lines, stacktraces, screenshots, videos etc.

Troubleshooting playbook

  • Is it only affecting one user?
  • Is it only affecting one sketch / timeline?
  • Can the issue be reproduced on
  • Can the issue be reproduced on a different device / clear caches from browser?
  • Any errors in Chrome console for any javascript errors or failed HTTP requests
  • Any errors in nginx / webserver logs?
  • Any errors in Timesketch / celery worker logs
  • Any errors in ES logs?
  • Any errors in postgres logs?
  • What versions is running (Timesketch, Plaso, ...) cat /usr/local/src/timesketch/timesketch/ in the Docker container to get the Timesketch version

Frontend issues

To troubleshoot web frontend issues, the first look should go to the Chrome developer console and look for any output / errors.

To raise issues related to the web frontend, please provide the following:

  • Copy out the full error message(s) from Chrome Console
  • The URL (without your local IP or Domain)
  • What was clicked before it happened
  • Any entries in the server side logs (see below)?
  • Share a screenshot if possible
  • If possible details about the event / sketch
  • Was it an imported Plaso file or CSV or JSONL?
  • Was the data imported via Web or API client?


To list all your running Docker containers, run:

docker container list

If one of these is not up, you might need to troubleshoot docker.

Troubleshooting Database Schema Changes

See docs/learn/server-admin

Import issues

  • Is the celery worker running?
  • Have a look at the celery logs.
  • Is it a specific file that causes problems?
  • What is the WebUI status of the import?
  • Try switching from WebUI to the to upload the same file
  • Try to upload one of the sample files
  • If you open a Github issue for an import issue, please indicate, what type of file you try to upload and what error message / stacktrace you have

Issues importing a CSV file

  • What are the headers of the CSV files
  • Have the headers of the CSV file the minimum headers
  • Is there an encoding issue in the CSV file
  • If you tried to upload via web, try the import client and the other way around
  • Check the celery logs
  • Try to upload This sample
  • If you open a Github issue, provide at least the header of your CSV and a few lines of content (please scramble PII) so it can be reproduced.

Issues importing Plaso file

  • Which Plaso version is installed on the Timesketch server? (Run --version in the Timesketch docker instance
  • Which Plaso version was used to create the Plaso file?
  • Is the issue for both web upload and import_client?
  • If you open a Github Issue, please indicate the Plaso version used to generate the file.

Try to run the following in the Docker container after the file was uploaded (but not successfully imported): $FILENAME

Should give the following error message:

2020-08-19 14:40:48,912 [ERROR] (MainProcess) PID:568 <pinfo_tool> Format of storage file: $FILENAME not supported


All of those are subject to change depending on your operating system.

Nginx / webserver


Good starter is to run the following grep:

grep "http_code:500" /var/log/nginx/access.log  # to get all Error 500

If you started the webserver with docker, look in the console where you started:

docker exec -it $CONTAINER_ID gunicorn --reload -b --log-file --timeout 600 timesketch.wsgi:application

Or run the following where $CONTAINER_ID is the ID from your timesketch-dev or timesketch Docker container.

docker logs $CONTAINER_ID

Timesketch / Celery worker

See your console output if you started the workers with:

docker exec -it $CONTAINER_ID celery -A timesketch.lib.tasks worker --loglevel=debug

It is possible to see current running jobs with:

docker exec -it $CONTAINER_ID celery -A timesketch.lib.tasks inspect active

Which will give a list of tasks, individual tasks that are running can be then checked with

docker exec -it $CONTAINER_ID celery -A timesketch.lib.tasks inspect query_task $TASKID

Where $TASKID is the id that was shown in the previous step.



Or run the following where $CONTAINER_ID is the ID from your opensearch Docker container.

docker logs $CONTAINER_ID



Or run the following where $CONTAINER_ID is the ID from your postgres Docker container.

docker logs $CONTAINER_ID

CSRF token expire

You can edit /etc/timesketch/timesketch.conf and add:

WTF_CSRF_TIME_LIMIT = 1234 # seconds or "None" to never expire.

The default is 3600s.

Restart the webserver and the new value is used.