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Add "events add" to timesketch-cli-client

The new Timesketch CLI client feature allows users to add events to their Timesketch sketch using the events add command. The command takes three arguments: message, date, timestamp-desc and an optional argument for attributes. message is a short description of the event, date is the date and time the event occured (ISO formatted), and the attributes are a comma-separated list of key-value pairs that will be associated with the event.

For example, the following command would add an event to the Timesketch

timesketch events add --message "foobar-message" --date 2023-03-04T11:31:12 --timestamp-desc "test" --attributes key=value,key2=value2

This new feature makes it easy to add events to Timesketch from the command line, which can be helpful for automating tasks or for quickly adding events when you don't have access to the Timesketch web interface.

Introduce a Timesketch CLI dev guide

A new howto document on the development of the CLI client has been added.