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Upload Data to Timesketch

There are several different ways to upload data to Timesketch. This document attempts to explore them all.

These are the different ways to upload data:

  1. Using the importer CLI tool
  2. Using the web UI
  3. Using the importer library

Let's explore each of these ways a bit further.

Using the importer CLI Tool

If the data that is to be imported is a single file then the importer tool can be used. It utilizes the importer client library and the API client to upload the file. This is a simple wrapper around the importer client libraries. The tool comes with the installation of the timesketch importer client.

Install the tool

$ pip3 install timesketch-import-client

There are two methods to use the tool:

  1. Define all parameters on the command line.
  2. The preferred method of just running the tool omitting all information about the authentication and/or server information and have the tool ask all the questions.

The easiest way to discover the parameters and how to run the tool is to run:

$ -h

The minimum set of parameters to the run tool are:

$ path_to_my_file.csv

If the information to connect to Timesketch are not present (host information, auth method and auth information) then the tool will ask the user for the missing information and store it in the configuration file ~/.timesketchrc for future use.

Remember for OAUTH authentication both client_id and client_secret need to provided to the tool.

The tool will store the user credentials in an encrypted file as soon as it runs for the first time. This token file will be used for subsequent uses of the tool.

Other parameters suggested to be set are sketch_id (if it isn't provided a new sketch will be created) and timeline_name (otherwise a default name will be chosen).

For larger files the importer will split them up into pieces before uploading.

Using the Web UI

Click the + timeline button in the UI or click manage in the Timeline section and then add your timeline using the Choose file button that appears below the timelines.

Using the importer library

The importer client defines an importer library that is used to help with file or data uploads. This is documented further here