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Analyzer tsctl module

New module in tsctl to troubleshoot analyzer runs tsctl analyzer-stats. * filter on analyzer name * select a focus out of [many_hits, long_runtime, recent] * search for a given text in the analyzer results. This comes handy when searching for a Sigma Rule Id. * filter results on timeline id

Visit ../guides/admin/admin-cli/ for more information

Edit timefilter (#2510)

This PR port over the edit timefilter functionality in the new Frontend.


Indicator when sketch is loading (#2517)

This PR added a horizontal loading indicator when the sketch is loading. This enhances the experience on slower links etc.

Add LinkedIn search queries (#2514)

Adds a regex to search for Searches executed on Linkedin

Empty state (#2501)

Empty state for a newly created sketch where there are no timelines added yet.

Empty state

Add share dialog (#2471)

Sharing dialog ported to the new UI. It supports adding users and groups, as well as setting the general access mode for the sketch.

share sketch dialog

Enable bulk edit (#2497)

Bulk edit functionality with support for toggle star.

Bulk Edit events


Several smaller bugfixes.